Ulaanbaatar-Khar Zurkhnii Honkh Nuur

DAY 01

This morning drive to the eastern Khentii province. En route we will stop at Kherlen River which is historic place related to the rise of Chinggis Khan. After picnic lunch, we will continue our journey to Khar Zurkh Khonkh lake, one of most meaningful place for Mongolians Which is as the birthplace of Chinggis Khan. In addition to the opportunity presents for spotting these beautiful and exploring wildlife, best flora watching regions in the country. Drive to camp. Experience in Mongolian Traditional House which is Ger. We will enjoy welcome Party. Overnight in camp.

DAY #2

Baldan Baraivan Monastery and Gun Galuut Nature Reserve

DAY #2

This morning, we will continue our journey to the magnificent Baldan Bereeven, One of Mongolia’s most beautiful monastery grounds. Here, we will camp by a larch forest and explore the monastery grounds in the evening. This picturesque monastery is surrounded by several Buddhist relics, which we will explore and thoroughly examine. This stop will offer an excellent opportunity to explore Mongolia’s Buddhist history. We will continue extreme and adventure tour by taking Boat and Kayak, riding ATV in the rocky road to Gun Galuut National Reserve. Our tour highlight we will be riding horse, exploring nomadic life and traditional Food. Also performing National Song & dance with party.

DAY #3

Gun Galuut / Herlen River

DAY #4

13th centery Traditional Camp