08:00 Meet in Shangri-La hotel.

08:30 Driving to Kherlen River sightseeing.

12:00 Lunch at Kherlen river.

13:00 Khar Zurkhnii HunkhNuur in birthplace of Chinggis Khan. Lakeside exploring, taking pictures, enjoy wildlife, flora of Chinggis birthplace area.

16:00 Drive to camp

18:00 Dinner at tourist camp

20:00 Fireworks

21:00 Welcome party

22:00 Observe the night sky by telescope

22:30 Overnight at Mongolian Ger Camp

09:00 Breakfast at camp

10:00 Drive to Baldan Baraivan Monastery

11:30 Riding by ATV in the rocky road

13:00 Gun Galuut National Nature Reserve

14:00 Lunch at steppe nomads Camp

16:30 Visit to Nomadic family

17:00 Take a boat and Kayak

19:00 Dinner / Mongolian Tradition Food/

20:00 Traditional performance/ National Song & dance

21:00 After Party

22:00 Overnight at Ger

08:00 Breakfast at camp

08:30 Explore to ARGALI

10:00 Experience to Mongol Ger/ build the Mongolian Ger

11:00 Play to paintball

13:30 lunch at camp

14:30 Drive to 13th century National camp

15:00 Explore to 13th century life style

18:30 Dinner at Camp

20:00 After Show

21:00 Observe the night sky by telescope

22:00 Overnight Ger Camp 13th century style of Mongolia/ no electricity/

09:00 breakfast at 13th century camp

10:00 visit Chinggis Khan Statue

11:00 back to Ulaanbaatar transfer to hotel.